Introduction of passing prayer toy-anime-

There are many success prayer goods for those who take a prep student and an examination in a world.
I introduce success prayer goods and the origin for every character from such inside this time [

beckoning cat

The beckoning cat supposed that money and a person are invited and a fortune is brought about.
It is said that it is said that people (visitor) are invited when the right leg is being raised and luck with money and a left leg are generally being raised.
Moreover, seemingly, there is a difference also in a color,
White : Fortune is caused.
Red : in good health
Gold : money
Black : talisman
Peach : love
What is said is accepted theory.
From a white beckoning cat causing fortune, I think that it has been established also as goods of success prayer.
If it is a beckoning cat in these days [
]and a “dismissal cat” are popular.
It is the yuru-kyara produced in “dismissal cat” Miyawaka-shi, Fukuoka, and is a character of the cat with which the figure of the table suspected to be big with a broom and the figure of the reverse side which is caused by a hand, and at which it smiles sweetly were united.
It not only may merely be able to cause fortune, but the cat which drives out a disagreeable thing may be able to raise fortune further.
Dismissal cat promotion meeting homepage :


It seems that the word “octopus” = “placing is a path” will become the origin, and it will serve as a time-tested character of success prayer these days if an octopus is said in English.
Mind quite near a pun is carried out, and a stuffed animal and a strap also have many pretty things,
When you get tired with studying for an examination, many goods cured suddenly are also sold.


the Dharma which is the founder of the Zen Buddhism of India — a large — from the characteristic certainly of “rising” even when the Dharma from which the teacher’s meditation-in-Zen-Buddhism figure became the origin is difficult — gradually — a good-luck article, and win and success — it came to be considered as prayer things, such as Dharma.
The portion of the eye of Dharma prays without writing in and has a custom in which success writes .


“Owl” = “un-suffering troubles” For the purpose of = “troubles are not suffered”, it has been supposed the ornament of an owl, with a root, etc. from ancient times that it is an auspicious item.
Moreover, in an owl, the kind called the follower of goddess Athens, agricultural protection, God of learning, etc. is also, and many goods also as a good-luck article are sold.


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