[Art] for newbies illustrations theoretical draw the right brain

As how to draw a picture of important is said to draw anyway. Certainly so technology will notice. But talent only who will manage it. Why draw in practice, rather than just vaguely drawn solid?

I called and often right brain has developed artists.
Left brain is calculation and logical thinking, good right brain capture the image. So who aim at art taught to draw the first using the right brain.
But, will not know what is said to draw and I and mean suddenly to the right brain also do?
When you think something is impossible I tightly and use right brain and left brain. It is nothing without thinking first, then and do it, feel free to draw. I was drawn to paper size I don’t think I want to draw a kid? It is the same. Please start by first will go back there.
Is seen to draw as well. Draw what you imagine as well? Good at hand I thought the single-mindedly to run a brush.
Remember this feeling, and now look at the landscape.
Remember and 10 minutes, five minutes. Next to that is that, or what is where, so remember it is not.
Remember the scenery itself intact. After hours, now seeing the scenery 描きましょう it to paper. I do not remember the indigenous so good with only the outline. When first painted apply brush single-mindedly don’t like unnecessary things.
Or the beginning of can’t draw views of anything too obscure, but also do not like 繰り返しましょう. It is as image capture views will be right-brain training. If the repeat and memorize this view to draw it relies on the memory man habit gradually drawn in the right brain.
First take remember how to draw these technical stuff before.


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