[Beginner] photography tips

It is easy photography techniques.


  1. First of all, orient the camera vertically. It is easy to take photos next to turn better, balanced background and subject.
  2. Next is taking place, if not, the contrast of the color of the sky and shoot things have clearly is recommended. Indoors, the difference in color of the subject and go on a background Institute!
    Rather than take from the height of the subject
    Dang from above, contrary to squat down take up is the point. Realistic issues in doing so. Comfortable, you can use the further upgraded techniques.
  3. It is more attractive, reflects subjects and comparing things only to glance at and at the end of their move to shoot things come mainly.
    Presto from better timing, focus immediately without pressing the shutter button half press the whole thing. Hurry and take it axis定marazu. Gonna before predicting when your camera, and waiting for the shutter halfway down cleanly take.


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