[Gardening] raise nodul

It is nodul fall, spring is a lovely flower blooms upbringing.


  1. And sow the seeds
    Seeding is done around 9-10 October. Soil that can be used especially unless in extreme good drainage,.
    If moist soil will be good. As the characteristics of leguminous plants and planting once cannot transfers to other locations.
    Decide where planting is from the beginning. Calls the soil much seed, disappears. After germination, wait for water.
  2. And to raise
    It grows in sunny, airy place. Attention to efficient water so vulnerable to drying.
    Beware as siphoning off the water than I thought.
    So far until deep roots somewhat reassuring if water has good soil. Note to raise too much water. And given too rather will be adversely affected.
  3. -Flowering
    Well our flowering time is around 4-6,. Leguminous plants have nature take say soil nitrogen in the air, so after you finished blooming and another flowers grow better. Seed in addition make seed is to keep, and also after the fall.


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