Know the originator of psychological paper No. 2008 manga [Black secret weapon]?

League great ball became famous in the classic [star] of the Giants. Galtieri and grabbed the boy baseball baseball cartoons had appeared before.

Fukumoto authorship, Kazuya. Animation, 1 peak big two. It is work serialized in the weekly shōnen magazine”from 0/1963 [Black secret weapon].
Is a Camellia forest’s hero, using the secret ball hard thought out, to lead the Giants to win. It is among popular course of the baseball boy at the time, seriously try to mimic the secret sphere.
Stories in the magazine’s later works [star] of the Giants and is pointed out that similar looking to read interesting I think. And similar League Grand Ball seen in secret sphere of theories, including the hero’s breaking the wrist at the end of the story by throwing too much secret sphere away baseball scene.
[Black secret weapon] and [8 man] of registration seal (would like a pasted picture dislodged from water and find a few minutes) was my treasure. Remember that at that time, and put some amount with the entry ticket was about a book saying. Until a few years ago I came somewhere, unfortunately had the.


Translation seems to be the story is similar. May be so as secret in the vicinity of [star] of the Giants later by made by editor of this manga.


What was the secret weapon in the true meaning of this person (Mr Teruo Miyahara) also maybe. widgets


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