[Gardening] Raise Punctata

Punctatathe large bell-shaped flowers bloom in early summer. Grows is a large grass to 80 cm. Originally it is easy to grow as a Wildflower.


  1. And planting way Seeding and breeds are raised.
    Breeds would be better off first,. Good drainage of the Yodo.
    Is the area planted even potted okay.
    So weak heat if planted in summer might be planted and airy becomes half-shade locations. Stem expands like a crawling next exceeded RMB punctataand head to ground.
    Detach State part stretched to crawl on leaves and roots, planting pot. Since punctata boost lot stems grow to crawl is easy breeds.
  2. And to raise Sunny location, or half a day in shade long often grow.
    After the flowers bloomed until the fall of the ground Withers, winter in the underground roots. So not done in the heat of the summer shade is half the spring and autumn are good sunny location is better.
    If potted, and explore the good place exactly? Water from the Spears dry topsoil, and generous. Winter, so only the roots, let water sparingly. Too long to dry somewhat is cool.
  3. And care
    Original rants grow wildflowers, so any good drainage and sunny. Because a large wildflower blooms around the plant height is high. If you want to lower such as potted plants, once the size shoots that came out in spring, a stalk in a suitable position.


Original because grass there is easy to grow plant height increases desire,.
It might take care with it to fasten so managing small. Well up, remind the beautiful flowers in May-July. Withering in winter but also so out, longer next year I enjoy.


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