[Gardening] parenting time

As herb’s famous time. Put the practical meaning or why not grow?


  1. -Planting
    Seedlings to buy time, increase the cutting experiment. In branch buds not about select hard surfaces like wood Brown branches.
    10 As it cuts.
    Get rid of leaves under the branch cut, water and water.
    Extrapolate soil 3 cm. To root out to avoid direct sunlight and allow efficient water and tips.
    Brings up the roots of the repotting! Let it grow quickly, and soon roots jam today. Twelve planting substitution roots, growing from the bottom of the Bowl let big bowl.
  2. And to raise Will grow in the shade, but hopefully sunny good?
    Ideally, airy place. From the topsoil is dry water. When cutting experiment must be so generous and efficient water from growing up rather prefer to dry slightly.
    So especially grows dull winter even less cool is. You can grow so strong in the cold without protection against the cold outside. However, the leaves may be due to frost turns. If used as a herb, it looks bad and nasty might be from indoor is assured.
  3. And care Grew thick wind through sick leaves, the leaves may wither.
    Particularly hot and humid and the more likely is. Ago 刈り込みましょう the 3 minutes of branches throughout the winter and rainy season before. Lots of new Spring Bud and especially ago the winter begins.
  4. -Pest notes Because of action of insecticides, sterile themselves particularly pests to be careful.
  5. -How to use Meat casserole dish to branch per put can be used to erase odor and flavor. Dry branch can be used in such lease.


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