[Gardening] to raise tulips

Tulips and flowers that represent spring. It is also choose what various colors or blooming it is fun.


  1. And planting way Do plant before the cold real time, around October.
    Growth would later 張れず has roots in would be violated. Also note there and shallow planting it in the ground. Bulb two minutes as indicative of the depth.
    When planting potted plants and a depth of 2 cm. Yodo was be good for bulbs at commercial.
  2. And to raise It grows in sunny locations.
    Note to dry.
    So strong in the cold and do not particularly to protection against the cold. Unexpectedly takes up from planting out. Since at least as well as bud roots creeping water watering is always the. Note to dry to dry so weak.
  3. And care Flowers flower Withers when rod from the stalk.
    Intact will taken an extra nutrition is.
    Until leaves are so required nutrition store bulbs naturally wither, remember to leave. Several later withered leaves and digging up ready for small bulbs.
    Minor and take it divided from big ones. Is likely to blossom next year if the size of the bulb.
    Flowers bloom through may take years if less. Keep in the shade and airy until planting bulbs.
  4. -Pest notes
    Take the gray mildew disease rotting foliage melt, and the progress of the disease is covered in the gray mold. Humidity and keep good ventilation so prone to the environment. You cut the part has taken to prevent spread.


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