[Gardening] mahonia upbringing

Mahonia nandina and Holly-leaf tree appearance with upbringing is.


  1. -タネまき Seed is ripe fruit from the plants immediately.
    Got seed becomes winter, falling around March care to dry. If the cutting experiment do around 7-8. 15 More branch tips and extrapolate to the soil.
    I think not rooted so comparatively easy to hard. Soil is good, good drainage with mulch.
  2. And to raise Place the sunny place, or in half-shade.
    Where the Sun or strong wind hit is avoided. Problems at growing and will grow sufficiently, and strongly to shade sunlight it out slightly.
    Not half as foliage.
    Also, since no strong cold avoid cold place. Topsoil is dry, and gives the water for potted plants.
    When growing in a sunny location, flowering well breathe in water as topsoil easy to dry their care. If planted in summer and must firmly do water young, otherwise specifically might be.
  3. And care Kaho, bloom cuts from the groin.
    Have better nutrition and make leave the real would be out of order.
    Let’s take off soon withered foliage also. You don’t need to grow slowly, so the branches where it particularly 刈りこむ. Will be nice once cluttered and branches thickly cut thicker branches like decimation.
  4. -Pest notes Prone to powdery mildew in high-temperature high-humidity environment.
    Noticing something white like leaves coated with flour, let’s spread the fungicide. Cutting experiment, when pierced the soil sterilization is inadequate, and may become dieback disease. After its shares pull leaves, disinfect the soil evenly sunlight being let.


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