[Gardening] foster the cosmos

Cosmos, representing autumn flowers. Is good if you grow from seed starting from the spring.


  1. -Seeding Seeding is まけます from late March until July. Flowers from summer blooms, with early seeding is, you can slightly ずらせば at the time of sowing, enjoy the flowers for a long time.
    However, because growth gives the effect and high temperature requires attention. Achieving sowing is intact.
    混み合わない so that it is safe. Is sprouting from can 植え替え even less desirable.
    Relocated to the still leaves fewer in shimaimashou do. Good drainage of the soil. Originally so hot and humid to arid plants, so be aware. Such fertilizers as particularly unnecessary.
  2. And to raise
    It grows in sunny, airy place. Water watering is not. Soil dry summer garden planting if too much I’ll are cool. Soil dry tips such as potted plants and planter.
    Given too much humid so weak note strong dry instead. Plan when stretched high stature as Prop. Typhoon also come about flowers blooming in autumn, so props not would be killed.
    If providing props, as well as a fixed string unabashedly is understandable. Growing point is keep moist.
  3. -Pest notes
    Pest is hard to take, regardless of appearance takes care of the plants. However, or a dense, bad ventilation and powdery mildew.
    Powdery mildew is ill get things such as the name suggests, white powder. You to better ventilation as a prevention method.
    Deal with that after sowing fungicide azole systems or potassium bicarbonate. So the aphids also asked if let’s exterminate it.


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