[Food] menu making conscious balance goodness

Unless without thinking every day menus and to catering, we must think nutritional balance. Is to eliminate the little such annoyance.

Use the three partition plate

You can use the divider plate, main dish 1 / 2 side dishes to be aware.
The largest think menu while imagined in a fill format Vice Greens (salad and a small bowl of) has two types of rest and main dish.
For example
-Main remaining fish, boiled and cooked food to two.
-Main remaining meat if the two salad and mushrooms marinated
-If the main is refreshing and remaining two fruits such as apples and potato salad And think is buried every single space select menus going some.
In addition to this, if not add fruits and natto such as eat a comparatively large number of items you put staples such as rice and soup here, but what can.

Partition plate 3 birds with one stone

Divider plate, easy-to-thought menu in the fill format only
And so all side dishes and plate ride, wash less
No it is big, small, small space is limited, so serve it over, eating too much Injunction, and may be good colour.

Partition plate is too cheap

Plate dividers 100 yen shop or may place shop 300 yen. Sy also look quite find lots.
There unbranded, in larger ones not 1000 yen, so feel free to is achievable.


Plate with fine food look so well, neatly fun.
Colours though it comes is like.
Even two about who came to play when entertaining cooking large to and playing, so I may can alone. So a simple try.


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