[Gardening] growing snowflake

Is the snowflake and lovely Lily-like blooms upbringing.


  1. And planting way
    Planting period depends on the bloom in spring or autumn blooming.
    In a typical snowflake spring bloom, 植え付けます plantings are around July fall bloom is 10-11, mid on,. When planting and deepen, to about 7-8. Between bulbs and bulb at 10 cm.
    Potted plant for let to a depth of about 5. Soil and good drained soil. Maybe because it breeds hate acid before planting soil mixed with lime and to neutralize acidic good.
  2. And to raise Thrive if bright light shade or sunny places.
    If bloom in spring, but 越します winter, because of the excellent resistance to such measures of protection against the cold without worrying about. When topsoil is dry water give plenty.
    Note to dry soil during the growth.
    You don’t need to leaf blight enters dormancy give water. After bloom ended up keep given the small amount of liquid fertilizer, store nutrition, flowers the following year with better.
  3. -Increase it Once planted to bulbs divided once more.
    So, as well as stimulate especially, you cheek is okay.
    However, with too many flowers with 直しましょう worse so dig several years once planted. When digging around the leaves wither into dormancy. Let us down, dry bulb 掘り起こした airy shade.
  4. -Pest notes
    So strong on diseases and pests don’t particularly take care. However, mosaic virus infection can take. Is more likely, you will 付けなく flowers made mottling on the leaves in the mosaic. To prevent infection of other shares of the quarantine.


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