[Parenting] how to teach children how to hold chopsticks

Word late boys compared to girls, on average, the minions are clumsy.
It is well, you talk like that “immediately giving the chopsticks in the 2-year-old girl’s mother, should not be impatient.
Not only from’s girls, boys, though the pace of the child.
Although insisting is 4 years old is the 5-year-old also chopsticks to hand, not even getting one. Stress less kids through some stages, the nature here is to familiarise the chopsticks.

Eat rice together STEP1

Long graduated from baby child parent of fast color selectively, try yourself.
Undressing the socks themselves, smoothly or with sleep たがったり wear shoes in their next, MOM.
So sitting across from at meal time, adults to eat using chopsticks correctly is very important.
Is accumulated, since at that time, was born may say and becomes the parent immediately of their attitude is being tested. That mean, phase 1 is a natural and easy to “eat with rice”, is.

STEP2 chopsticks have seen

Since the end of baby food, regardless of whether without or with an interest in and begins the only child of chopsticks when eating, put also try eating with chopsticks.
Until each would like speak in words is, in any way but do you? How wrong is especially course right how I started to have, not, no matter how the spill but “rough-in chopsticks eat?
It’s great ~ “and think and smile good in you give admire only. Words leading to pencil can be as is, have, crayons and continue to teach tips for holding little by little.

STEP3 training

Indeed much later even a 4-year-old child come and gone, can’t use chopsticks will become minority.
There are some taught in Sparta, in kindergartens and nursery schools.
Before could be fun to know it?
So, chocolate, so every let’s and training.
Two small bowl, put small small chocolate and wheat chocolate left ( right is easier will you lefties ) “So good to eat all of chopsticks, next to the 移せた!

Willing and have chopsticks.
Is a feeling that scoop up and grab the beginning rather than can.
Not properly hold only chocolate to undo as invalid. Usually do not give sweet is effective.


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