[Gardening] foster Crocus

And expanding leaves and flowers that are feature crocus upbringing. It is hardy varieties, so relatively easy to grow.


  1. And to raise Is the location of the plant and as sunny location.
    With flowers and sunny bad may be worse. Or rather considerable resistance at the cold and rather constant and not exposed to low temperature or no flower buds. So you should grow indoors, but risking 12-filled outdoor cold. This time, don’t need exposure measures.
    Much to fear if motor? So could water excess and rot on the vine bulbs, dry topsoil from the tips.
    When flower went here aware to take water flower. So 枯れたら leaves in the dormant do not give water.
    Keep cool site dig regrettably no rain and Yang. Fertilizer is required especially for growth. Rather is is fertilizer to grow bulb flowers after. Many contain potassium minutes jolt.
  2. -Increase it
    Timing of planting, in late September-October. By planting base is deep. Estimated depth of the 10.
    Bulbs and bulb spacing is 3 to 4 minutes.
    流石 is buried 10 too, because intervals at bulb one or two minutes depth of 1 or more, if potted. Flowers and enters dormancy grub bulbs. New bulbs are made on the old bulbs should have increased.
    Planting depth is a can on new bulbs for you. Planting depth I’m Auckland even the environment by planting, but will bloom each year. But tight to increase year after year, so also with the flowers would be worse. なおしましょう if possible at least dig every 3-4 years each year.
  3. And insect pests
    Neck rot Softening will rot and part of the leaf are rolled stem discoloration.
    To yellowing spreads to entire leaves. Cause is a type of bacteria. Conditions such as humidity, is prone to gap, high temperature.
    You to crop rotation prevention methods.
    Mosaic of green shades at along the veins. Cause is a virus aphid borne. You can rid of aphids in prevention. Cull is sorry, and if the disease prevent infections to other stocks, but not.


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