Enjoy live music club 1


Location that charms of a musician is most commonly understood, and live performances.
Is a terrible feeling of throbbing pulse and sound, and listen to the CD or TV location.
Also, before selling ability of a musician or out nightclub
Because the musicians are selling to or go secret live
Please I want fun and think.
However, nightclub is what you don’t understand quite difficult to go.

What isn’t said many is.
For such people to introduce Live House rules and manners.

Bit long, so we introduce to buying tickets and nightclub overview.

??, Nightclub is such a place
  Eggman through the region, including from a large nightclub
  In many live performances are live on a daily basis.

Opening hours will start Live ready 19 o’clock one hour later, more roughly around 18: 00.
  [If the headliner show only 1 artist

2-Hour main and Encore is tend to be.
  [If more than one artist turnover
  Appearances 1 artist 30 minutes each for more than 4 artists
  You can enjoy various live in turnover.

Musicians each has about 10-15 minutes each time of preparation of instruments convertible.

System of Government buying tickets 1.
  Buy ticket
  Can search such as artist name, purchases on the Internet, etc.


However, if the role name of a musician could not is likely purchase here.
    Ticket PIA http://t.pia.jp/
    Lawson ticket http://l-tike.com/
    CN playguide http://www.cnplayguide.com/

e + http://eplus.jp/sys/main.jsp
  In this case, pay ticket price in convenience stores, etc. within a few days after purchase, such as Internet,

Receive at convenience stores actually receive ticket delivery.
  2. Do band bookings
  If you cannot buy such ticket in indie bands, including the 
  Most do band bookings.
  Contact with HP’s favorite bands, the book often is.
  In this case, without a ticket on the day to go to nightclub, staff “Reserved 00 (band name) ◎ ◎ is (people booked name).
  For more information and advise.
  So, then first pay tickets

Let me remind the tickets on the day.
  3. Get tickets on the day of
  Don’t have a ticket free if capacity nightclub
  You can buy admission tickets day. I went to band booking was ready reservation properly!
  ( ΩДΩ ) and even if it’s okay. In this case, recent “ask day ticket.
  ”And it is OK.

Note, however, because it is almost value up about 500 yen compared to booking tickets for the day.
  Point here?? It has never worked the nightclub!
  He said that friends of music like that

I think most reassuring ^ ^ Introduces the next Manor nightclub admission rules in the system!



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