[Gardening] raising Daisy

Daisy-many small lovely flowers. So easy to fit either garden or pot is brought is??


  1. -Seeding Do Daisy seeding from late August to early September.
    Over the winter to slightly early, and authentic for the cold as much as possible to big seedling? This is replanted is 2-3 pieces from planting one by one into the pot.
    During October to do is to end on. Sunny location is where planting is recommended. However strong cold sunny location of grow firmly.
  2. And to raise Good well drained clay soil is recommended.
    Is moist but not dry much good. Topsoil is dry with plenty here is water. Not be so weak, dry out attention is required.
    Every day, up the water in good flowering will. And once a month, fertilizer give greasy phosphate fertilizer with flowers would be better.
  3. -Pest notes Is prone to illnesses that disease and parasitic fungi living in the Mainland exceeded RMB prevent absorption of moisture. Let’s Dispose is pity you damage to remove at a slight share.
    To prevent further damage and to disinfect the soil, so for a while would plant in its place.
    Remember the advance spraying disinfectant, such as prevention. Aphids are predictable applies to plants in General. Let’s exterminate spraying insecticide.


It is important you’ll raised seedlings and larger. Beautiful flowers grow aware of the winter Bloom’s delight.


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