[Deals! : Did you know what kind of sell at auction?

Hey trash and throw away the wait! Maybe we could treasure mountain…

Materials required

  • And trying to dispose of anything you see here when your thoughts?


  1. Free carton of cigarettes.
    When issuing the auction in the past have gotten purchased monthly intact bidder says I. It is handmade products with a free carton of cigarettes.
  2. Newspapers and magazines
    The first crop out to separately.
    It is up the crop was 3,000 yen over 5 pages in it.
    From the fans who do reject the exhibit. Newspaper comes a rare idol group is celebrating winning ads may also be trading high.
  3. Species.
    Although began a home vegetable garden, those species that remain will quite often.
    Not to leave to set the various species we sell. Especially summer before we sold quite.
  4. Stone
    -Changed the increase luxury pedestal. Become personally liked this sales top, ridiculous price.

Notes and tips

  • Keep up the evaluation first and awarded various before exhibit.


Also unnecessary for the treasure may be for others. Before ditching the recall thing is that might be waiting for it.


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