[Coffee coffee ] would be more delicious in sub-item.

Coffee (coffee) of beans, ground and brewing.
Things is a stick is very important.
In addition to stick to the sub-item More delicious coffee (coffee) you can drink.

Materials required

  • Water ( WATER )
  • Sugar ( SUGAR )
  • Cream ( CREAM )
  • Coffee Cup ( CUP )


  1. Water ( WATER )
      Tap water
      The smell of the water, coffee (coffee) of because it undermined the flavour
    Let it boil 10 minutes to water, read the purifiers .
      Mineral water Smooth soft soft -coffee (coffee) of its flavor.
  2. Sugar ( SUGAR )
      White refined sugar or granulated sugar
      Coffee (coffee) of keep the flavor / flavour
    Highly refined white refined sugar is granulated sugar is recommended.
      Brown sugar ( coffee sugar ) When you want to taste sweetness changes slowly melting so is recommended.
  3. Cream ( CREAM )
      Animal cream (food)
      The high percentage of milk fat of animal fresh cream recommended.
      Deep-roasted coffee beans, if you use a good cream. If ※ not milk?
  4. Coffee Cup ( CUP )
      Eggshell porcelain
      Through the mouth is thin lips
      Coffee (coffee) of flavour and sensory is easy to transmit. It lends itself than ceramics porcelain cup.


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