The simplest good beauty sleep

Sleeping beauty is important. Introducing those good beauty sleep.


  1. First of all, between 10 am-2 pm is called golden time, skin turnover ( skin reincarnation ) active time. And this time to sit up, you will interfere with regeneration of the skin. What play, cell division to the growth hormone is secreted not secreted in action during a relaxing night in. People fell into deepest slumber in the first three hours of sleep. Growth hormone is secreted at that time, regenerates the skin. The first 3 hours of sleep quality important and most.
  2. Sleep time required depends on the person, at least, more than 7 hours will be ideal and is 6 hours. According to piecemeal sleep time is 6 hours as well, body and skin 休まりません. It is important to take continuous.
  3. Bed time is irregular or sleep to 浅かったり and the reincarnation of the skin does not work. This is because from clocks also are involved in hormone secretion.
    Let secrete growth hormone should be secreted sleep hours daily, enough. Also, you can and keep lights Dim from 1 hour before going to bed, good quality sleep.


Sleep is important to skin it.


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