The battleship the Mikasa"public at Yokosuka.

When we have defeated the Russia Baltic fleet Japan sea battle in the Russo-Japanese war ,
Tōgō heihachirō The Commander had boarded
The Mikasa battleship “.

Mast and Fort was auctioned after the WWII occupation instruction
Occasionally used as a Ballroom for American soldier
Surprised by the British “Mikasa” at that time were built in the United Kingdom
And on the times ‘ ‘ is restored.
Kanagawa Prefecture It is saved as a Memorial ship Yokosuka, Mikasa Park .

Recently they appeared to NHK on the slope of cloud
Had become concerned.

[Memorial ship “Mikasa”] And the battleship the Mikasa”?

battleship the Mikasa” system of Government URL
   -??, Kanagawa Yokosuka 稲岡 82 19 locations

   System of Government by train or bus
   Keihin electric express railway: Keihin express Yokosuka Chuo station 15 minutes walk
        JR: Jr Yokosuka station’s bus in り京

“Otaki-Cho bus stop ( or less before )” get off, walk about 7 minutes.
   System of Government Motors Yokosuka interchange-turn Hon Yamanaka road end – State Highway No. 16 line 3 Hat park entrance
   If you come by ferry from the port of Chiba Kanaya

Kurihama port – State Highway 134, after passing the Otsu crossing turn left Yokosuka seafront

System of Government takes approximately 10 minutes by taxi from JR Yokosuka station. approximately 1,000 yen price
   System of Government car park P1, P3-small car pay P2 and tourist buses for pay


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