[Beauty] simple beauty treatments at home.

Is the introduction of beauty and massage treatments using natural stone that cassa traditions handed down to China, at home.

Materials required

  • Cassa plate


  1. First a Cassa Board.
    Rod type and shape may variety the Cassa also, is the Cassa plate-shaped wings versatile to use.
    Using the curve of the Cassa Board well, go to slide to shed blood to calf, neck and face.
    Due to slippery with oil or cream well and are good together at bath shower is easy to use.
    The cassa, improves blood and lymph flow, swelling of the sharp, small face effect can be expected. In brief, Cassa massage can do at home, earning health and beauty.

Notes and tips

  • Cassa is the cracks in the strong impact. Be careful not to slow down.
  • Also, concerns such as the birthmark by rub too. Overkill is a note.


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