[Health & diet: low-calorie, material with little effort!

When the thought of diet and health

It is good as low-calorie ones.
Eat fewer calories in and pick the dish is prized
Or like material and the seasoning itself, and putting the effort

Can low-calorie.

So, introduces the calorie cutting method.
 -Use less greasy parts.
 -Roast it rose more pork
 Fin-thigh if
 Tenders-chicken wings than if the chicken
 -Overall meat and thigh that overall meat (to cut the skin)
    If beef-lean (too OK) more marbling

※ To steak, filet Striploin!
    The point here
      -Hardening of fat is quickly boil. This get rid of some fat.
    And when the FRY will absorb the oil harder.

-Wrapped, heated in a microwave is OK.
 -Fish were lean than white fish or squid,!
 -Avoid fried food, Broiling, grilled to (Don’t put butter)
    The point here

-Grilled to excess fat is the best.
 -Preparing vegetables, to or through the heat.
   And when boiled to stir the boiled down to that.

In doing so reduces absorption of excess oil.
    The point here

Wrap, wrap in microwave Dick then fled difficult because vitamin is the best!
 And in a high-calorie sugar and Mirin, acne sugar or brown sugar to change.
 -Dried with dry shrimp and shavings.

-Select the non oil dressing.
    The point here
    -Lemon and spices because dressing can be homemade, with more good. -Reduces the amount of mayonnaise using, and mix, unsweetened yogurt with plenty good.


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