Diarrhea after drinking too much

You must just take water during the summer. However, too much, take a cold water may be needed in the stomach diarrhea ついて回ります.
And it does not take water can’t. So when a valid workaround.

Tea’s effect on diarrhea

Herbal medicines for diarrhea contains tannins.
Is too take tannins and easily become constipation, astringent, is the reverse using the effect of the stop the diarrhea. Then, speaking of anything containing tannin and is tea.
So flights become loosely contrary to just put the sugar, sugar tea might be good. So often include extra stuff such as preservatives, PET bottle tea, preferably making tea from the tea leaves is also nice.
Also recommended is ginger tea. Because a powerful antiseptic, ginger, tea intake and do in the intestines of good will.


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