How get rid of a failed auction, discern good seller


How to recognize quality exhibitors meet unreasonable lifting price and product shipping setting. Auction is inadvertently become hot I think there are a lot of people trapped, lifting the price.


  1. People come first bid ago the end of my point.
    And evaluation, 1 digit
    -New customers
    When certain price if people like this come bid immediately before the end of on their own, do not bid. Prices may be lifting.
  2. This is the same of course auction 1 yen.
    Go up fixed price always from 1 Yen in shops If 1 or 2 new evaluation of the bidder also interact with the price may have been lifting. But let’s not chase too far.
  3. Exhibitors and their products is to see next.
    Even small things like into the envelope, and not bidding at one flat rate shipping takes nearly 1,000 yen shipping
    –This is a lot of shops, cheap is sold also carriage shop, company and due to ship low contract rates, Compensation of low-price bidding can be shipping. Therefore is flat fees often say (however not in all stores and shops. )
  4. Next is bid after the show after the auction ended.
    Product aimed at ending ago earning the watch list.
    His cannot be sold its products but few check evaluation later turned against their products.
    If evaluation is turned frequently though that someone bid as a reason for failure of lifting from the take is. Though no evaluation is sometimes, continue or things not so frequent evaluation does not think.


By checking the various things as much as possible as a conclusion,
Naturally I and best seller would be as recognisable.
Also decide their budgets also heats the hot… Budget decided things say over no bid is important.


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