How to insert the right eye drops

Is anyone who is indebted to the eye, you are 差せて correctly? つかいましょう effective, correct insert eye drops unexpectedly and unprepared to remember.

Beautiful hand washing with SOAP, you For microorganisms of set this so that you are.
And to directly touch the eye and eyelashes and the lower eyelid drops 1 And two or three drops to or instructions, including, 1 drop, but who is no and will ぼれて this further.
拭きとる eyedrops flooded, closing the eyelids with a clean handkerchief or tissue Like do not blink several times, quietly and close. Also, so no microorganisms sometimes wipe around the eyes in a clean 拭きましょう.
Space-when a different type of eye drops down every five minutes or more Because influences and different kinds of composition, you should free up time


That microorganisms avoiding eyes and eye dropper bottle is important. Use it safely.


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