Beaded jewelry hobby parts [term commentary series]

Epitomizes original necklaces , earrings , rings , beaded jewelry with beads ! When I needed a tool and introduce parts and its usage.
Types of tools
System of Government Nipper( Photo 2 ) Disregarding, finally the metal of the PIN-sharp blade and spring off is a necessary tool.
System of Government tongs ( photos (3) )
In the tool, you can interject the bracket General slim to Bend the pins, round tuba, opening and closing of the gang responsible for killing the ball,.
System of Government tongs ( photos (1) )
When the tool is turned and cone-shaped 先 工具 の が なって おり に 円錐 状 曲げる 先 ピン の を 丸く bend the pins which round is necessary tool. In addition, spur yatsko and thereby use round Jatco to the opening and closing the circle hands.
Thimble?? Kang
Is a tool like the grooved rings, can easy opening and closing of the circle.

Without accessory can be so made is okay even if at first.
Pin type??
Pins are rounded parts through tips, used parts and parts.
T pins
What pin butt is t.
You can connect one side.
9 Pin
On one side of the PIN are rounded before things. You can connect both sides.

Some design parts, such as other stone on the ass.

Kan type of?? Kang is a metal connecting parts and parts.
Smooth motion between the parts.
Type of triangle circle, C Kang, Kang, デザインカン.

System of Government, the other part
Decoration items

End of part
◎ points
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