Mini-events at picnic

Picnic is snack events, everyone can enjoy.


  1. Rules are simple.
    In the old days nostalgia event compete, bringing candy or any good. [Notice] in the old days it funny-minute circle. And immersive is necessary!
    Put except however, fruit in the notes. Contact the [day] I started from ねむれない already throbbing day! Contact and to hit the mail and on the day…
  2. 見せ合って candy day tournament presentation!
  3. Each review and how good in everyone.
    Inspection point (1) taste (2) price 3 nostalgia (4) in the interest of compete in a five-point scale. Fruit is exempt from review, to be 食べ合わせ and. ( Choi and placing elements )
  4. Winner’s チョコバット or bō assortment as prizes.
    Also some doubts about candy.
    Point you no longer need and want.
    Also what we started messing with some candy’s last place of binge eating. Conversely that no longer is not a picnic miso.


The most famous and surprisingly nostalgia! Give it a try.


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