[Help! : How to make cat accustomed to carry case

In the Northeast Pacific earthquake and this
Pets and their owners without away together in a sudden tsunami after the earthquake
After it becomes part contact with, together with displaced
Spend with pet shelter into a pet without the cold car, such as

The coverage was seen. However, when earthquake happened!
And when it
Away, frightened for pet different from the usual situation
They escape together and me into the carrying case!

And there are some things said.

Then, introduce the because you get used to carry case from the usual tricks.

System of Government’s reluctant to carry case why?
In particular, and grow if the cat, caution and awareness of the territory comes out strongly.

If cats have spent only in the usual home, especially reluctant to animal hospital 1.
When you go to the hospital to carry case put appeared 2.
Ready to go to owner’s. 3.
Chase’s owner himself. 4. Be on a car and bike.
Be taken outside the territory. 5.

Then you arrive made nasty animal hospital, always….

“Because the story has been completed, with carrying case only excited, it seems nervous.

?? Scare carrying case while it, because the?

Little by little so nice, anyway it seems they wont go out.
“If the territory is still weak kitten >
-Walks outside into kitten from the carrying case.
Drive to bring the hospital other than a variety… To see views and sounds to familiar.
However, give strong stimuli rapidly
Because it scared the little is OK.
→ Mobile, cat food, while showing the outside of each grain


You’ll eat them in.
-Carrying case always put in the room, your bed and meals

And to click on the consciousness of “abode” still effective.
If your cat in more than six months after birth, already reluctant to carry cases >
Prepared for washing large nets, it gently put cat,
Try the practice to go further into the carrying case.
→ rather than being trapped, in the Internet sense

And hiding it will still obediently will feel.

-Is a bit of a waste, and provide new carrying case
On putting towels feel good, good “abode” of consciousness,

Accustomed to outings, such as non-hospital.
By habit goes out even a little I think according to cat-CHAN’s character, or

Now that would accompany shelter become easier when.

System of Government and other point
It is to defend when pets,

Better that you prepare for disaster strikes is something like the following.
• Cage, carrying case, carry bag
○, food 3 minutes
• Water for pets
• Lost tags (microchip embedded even when lost tags are balanced to enabled)
• Portable foodball
• Pet photos
• Lead preliminary and • Toys
Rakuten cat for carrying case for looking in



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