Net terms the line

Net start to recommend. This is a glossary of terms commonly used in the net.

System of Government waste billing
  That amount is very high.
  For doing billing such as the browser games do so advantageous to the waste charging users would be fear. Also, at least not in browser games, end up paying into the Gaja tens of thousands of users with billing of waste.
  Forget to entertain users, but charged premise events or items for sale,
  Abnormality in the derogatory term operation devoted to the commercial code, which was wrong, but not produce. Can also be called collection.
Crock?? Crock netoge.
  Can too much connection to the game world, and it interferes to a real-world person. But of course is a derogatory term.
  It bug problems, unexpected behavior in the game system.
  What game systems do not affect may have been neglected.
  Items infinite proliferation of bugs, one reverse impact on game systems,
  Because such work must deal with experience value immediately
  There are discovered as soon as the emergency maintenance. Bug with misconduct will be punished by.
  Often ignored. This divide will good management or operation of feces.
Passive system of Government skills The types of skills. It skills to memorize if you learn opposite continue to demonstrate the effect.
Patch?? Differential.
  A summary of the changes necessary to make that change when you update the. That would most players played this
Gangut people?? Alicia Keys user can.
  The derogatory term for many younger users, bad manners was born. Because users in India, no bad manners.
Coat corrupted?? That the damage himself.
Full-screen mode??
  Mode to fit the monitor size, screen depicting the game screen. Window mode more than light.
Player?? People who have played the game.
Player skill system of Government
  (Technology) are playing a game of skill. Operation technology’s technology here. PS and abbreviated as often.
Hate?? By internal parameters, hostile value.
  To determine the player attack priority number.
  And priority has been given the damage at Recovery Act preferentially attack with responsible games and even wider.
Leave the?? Also what is logged, it does not. State has left State Street stalls abandoned if,. widgets


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