Net terms a row

Net start to recommend. This is a glossary of terms commonly used in the net.

  The word says pointing to the low difficulty of the game.
  Seen from PUKO, a MMO, FF x 1,
Used when a working-class person as being a PK game against.
  System of Government fell asleep
  You would sleep during play, when they logout time out forced.
State players already asleep or has logged it.
  Nechama?? Netokama stands for.
  That man plays the woman on the Internet.
There are early come going ignorant, toilet talking about fashion and cosmetic features.
  Neave?? Net Nabe stands for.
That the woman who plays the man in the net.
  Aino?? Raise hand emoticon.
Greetings, Pro’s mind.
  Noise?? Smiley shake hands.
Goodbye’s mind..
  Specifications differ by the game, various patterns that exist
  When the damage occurred simpler action game, enemy or if the RPG
If damage occurs instantaneously to happen often
  Peasant party??
That the party gathered in makeshift others, not to know, such as the Guild.
  Non active Monster?? Monster does not attack until attacked, taking the target from their players. widgets


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