How to take university entrance exam English high scores!

We have to take university entrance exam English high scores. I think common exam English but other English exam, including high academic achievement they wear.

If a high school student “studying learning in school textbooks carefully is important.
However, good to aim high, as you learn areas of each of the English grammar and Word further. First, select the reference books in English words, English idioms, grammar, English interpretation, underlying each one each. Reputation good to choose a book that is in the mouth, such as Internet and what is known as Bible students and first first tricks. Reference books of the English word I picked up sentences with the words, but what is better.
You know how to use the word is.
And book basis in their respective fields after each one, second trick is that repeat the good book “.
In their respective fields, such as the English word three books, two books… and one chose not to go elsewhere, repeated many times, much depth, say the head 叩き込みます.
I think it is possible, as well as the deviation of simulated test visibly come up.
And aims to challenge school in areas of English words, grammar, English idioms,, continue studying increasing references one at a time. However, and is the second book of reference books duplicate Books 1 and about 7 percent of the content is in most cases, I think.
So therefore it is to learn more about 3 percent remaining, I think is easier than I thought.
And as the end of today’s interpretation of English long sentences reading comprehension problems ( past q, ) solved one after another (a study of the output).
When learning English idioms about writing, I use you learned in the texts. So I’m at deviation 81 ( Y seminar ) famous Prep national unity effectual one. Were able to take 2 (prefecture priority No. 2 overall), scored more than 9 percent of the Center Test English.


As a trick,
(A) in each field of the English “one time” Choosing good books (2) And I think do not have a roving one book for each book to other “repeat” means.


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