Prevention of color fall jeans

Easy color is very convenient dye on the jeans. But I don’t want to color. But with usually care if it is not.

First-first color fall prevention techniques Dark jeans I bought the first of the soak in brine overnight.
Color settled the salt works. The less color in this State.
-Rinse is upside down.
One of the causes of color is friction. So do you turn hard friction.
Detergent use neutral detergent, hot water
Color is using hot water stains will easily fall, also will be easier.
So we washed with water. Detergent cleanser also best. Containing bleach are surprisingly NG
-When hanging, upside down Day is to prevent to tarnish that hit.


Have avoided the color fall over the MEW, Oita, difference between Geisha. Color in brought it fashionable and try to embrace the dip?


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