[Travel / travel] to go cheaper Nordic

Is a Scandinavian travellers tend to be expensive to cheap points.

I think there are a lot of people are yearning to Nordic travel. I was and I also want to go sometime. Airfare prices too high, so just stay expenses, travel, local will be about high.
There is a way to travel to little.
It is “going to the winter.
Nordic winter is quiet, cold Nordic winter weather too bad for high season are considered summer atmosphere perfect.
You can ship known aboard their passage by the fjord of Gulf Express boats relatively cheaper to ship. Also the chance to see the Aurora and what to say! It is is seen depends on luck, because the weather is bad, Oh, many other tourist points may also be seen in the unlikely event the fruitful journey.
I went to Mr. escorted the participants less because of the offseason, is involved in the problems common to groups not able to enjoy. You could see Aurora luck!
Nordic winter, is recommended.


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