[Own] how to increase the concentration

When you want to study, work, hobbies, driving,
Concentration breaks it off that I want to do I believe someone even.
When I think I want to focus provides a try.

Use ear plugs

Such as the library or at home, even a quiet place, noise, such as train and the voice of the people around there always.
When not focused and to try to focus sound to turn other people’s books and PC sound, Care will be trivial.
When such use earplugs.
Also if you listen to music like earphones
If you need to remember things such as the study of ear plugs So you would think that extra little concentration increases.
Conversely, something focused and creative when the I think the tension and machine-guns, but prefer to listen to music on earphones so you can focus.
However, the communication is required, such as working in the company field Avoid using said from the I want to focus.

Diligently take a break

If you cannot concentrate is committed to shorten time to dare the break.
Work in one’s work after a break.
Long time is set in solving problems, such as past hesitates, q, 解いたら exercises in one theme breaks.
So to shorten the time to focus at a time so that Feeling a little bit easier.

When you break that drastic diversion

In my experience, “I’ll do it!
“And don’t follow any central force even more,
Don’t think you do, or how good someone was talking no time is I think so concentration then increases it was.
Casual conversation, where tricked boiled and rest your head stuck, Nature or motivated, coming up with something also will be able to concentrate.


This way, is to focus on the I think is the most healthy spirit and body are required or well recently.
When do weak, depressed by something pre-existing, That may not be able focus on good luck, you can always become no longer.
Can find fun little shape as first care, do it. I think the basic increase the concentration is or.


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