[Travel / travel] jet-lagged prevention and coping method

When you went to work or travel abroad, bias or no experience was suffering jet lag.
Jet lag and become blurred, and local behavior after returning just limited and not to act.
I also go overseas travel opportunities, previously well bias in some way but was tormented by Jet lag, to practice, much easier. The difference between how does not become blurred.

Local time accustom the body to gradually from 2-3 days ago

From 2-3 days ago let’s acclimatise body gradually to the local time.
Though, quite fit because of everyday life, it might be difficult. So let’s take dietary supplements or drinks such as to fit local meal time. When you eat a little different.
And, let us spend in flight, as local time. To fit the meal hours local time, according to local time. And to bring such masks is sleeping, relatively well.

To rehydrate in the plane

In the plane, so they rehydrate diligently! Hydration is insignificant difference cause jet lag, and easily will become harder to recover. Body swelling, listlessness will be tried.

Difference between what is Jet lag

Your morning shower and hit the light of the Sun. And let’s not even hungry, drinking water, eating breakfast the morning. Think with yogurt and bananas, and relatively easy to eat.


You get the idea. So you can practice — albeit a try.


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