Listen to past musical note


Music is something too easy what heard even while and too much too ask some dangerous things.


  1. And after listening to the music is from the risk of hearing loss is not good to the body. Especially good is music loud and long time between the headphones. It is headphones directly focuses on the ears, so use treble accessible to the ear. On the other hand, reach high sound from the speakers is ear distance because it has become somewhat weakened.
    Nevertheless, because Eric heard loud no better keep your mind. Tinnitus is also warning signs of hearing loss.
    Early that tinnitus happens often, tinnitus has been followed for a long time, let’s go to Otorhinolaryngology. When left untreated, can lose hearing terrible intact.


Sound of the headphones, lead causing it to hasten the ears become far future. More important the ear fun music.



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