Crystal red shrimp incubation of motivation

Is often Crystal red shrimp incubated from copulation, incubation dance happen as a run-up this happens full moon period around 3, mainly. Molting female shrimp and water change water changes by other incubation dance happens, even Moon incubation Mai also sometimes happen any tank. So any tank incubation MAI is Kia this provides for means to increase the chances of.

Materials required

  • Exuberant than two aquarium breeding environment fully equipped
  • Requires replacing water kits


  1. Lysis and period of the Moon around 3 to all Crystal red shrimp Aquarium breeding water 5 minutes 1 as water: up to 1c to 5c temperature of rearing water.
  2. Pour the female shrimp luckily moulting in any one tank happened incubation Mai, Mai incubation has not happened and Aquarium breeding about 1 liter water tank. Then, quite by chance happens incubation Mai.

Notes and tips

  • Happened the first incubation of aquarium water be able to induce the incubation of other tanks.


Not only because is doing well in my breeding environment, well go do not necessarily the same. Because of temperature adjustment and water changes, so worst might lean toward rearing environment is bad, if you want to please at your own risk.


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