Sell books even a little bit higher point

The book makes a difference a little by the store to sell to. The point is.

Change location depending on the type of book selling

BOOK OFF-values with
Determined by availability in stores, as well as the status date, and book from released the BOOK OFF, basically.
Relatively high get bought is the magazines. But from comics and paperback, released 2 ~ book has over three years, it is 買い叩か in the amount of 5 billion yen.
-Ancient local used bookstore’s
That basically didn’t trade on over-the-counter sales purposes, are often old bookstore specializing in the area.
Bought the book among suppliers and sell elsewhere called a secondhand market.
Therefore, some can be dirty, scarcity value is high, years are quite after the release of having bought the higher. But things cannot be bought or be acquired by 5 billion yen is most cases here, comics etc….
-Online book
Current Internet popular only during the Japan, has many second-hand bookshops with stores on the Internet only.
And is a typical bookshop, eBook of “or”online book of”recycling Livedoor”, etc. would be.
So as to determine trading prices on the net price to the original if the old booksellers,, demand on the net at that time determined price even comic, book.
Therefore, get bought the old book even the comic magazine, relatively high so often. Also probably benefit will going to have go to have their heavy books used Bookstore in the carriage shop come home stores unlike a used Bookstore.


General comic book except for rare and extremely old book, magazine, book, etc., from the content mentioned above, recommended things to sell online in a secondhand Bookstore.


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