Simplified Crystal red shrimp full quick launch how bacteria

Bacterial environment be equipped with a delicate creatures Crystal red shrimp will be dead soon. For the breed in the Aquarium and bacteria need bait fish excrement and ammonia, before powering up the Crystal red shrimp water tank for the Hardy fish and white cloud mountain Minnow “pilotfish using ammonia as sources when the bacteria breeding. But tank layout during bacterial environment ready and to introduce the pilotfish tank, remove the chase after the network by messing up the island gone gone soil stats separately paved, or even to some. So so introduces my bacteria breeding methods.

Materials required

  • Crystal red shrimp breeding tank set set ( 60 cm or more planning )
  • Large satellite x 2
  • The air pump 2 x 1
  • Neon Tetra or white cloud mountain Minnow


  1. Setting the tank assuming you put Crystal red shrimp . Layout adjustment of the last stage actually planting aquatic plants too.
  2. set up, the water planning over the 60 cm front installation, two large satellite because production. In the empty state is unnecessary bottom floor also aquatic plants in the satellite good.
  3. Put the total 40 dogs neon Tetra or white cloud mountain Minnow respectively 20 dogs at a time, two satellite.
  4. Properly give the bait intact to 1 month.
  5. And main tank should be ready enough bacterial environment in fish each satellite moved water bags, let received the tropical intact. If there is another tank in Nice and will move there. You can build a bacterial environment that way without compromising its layout.

Notes and tips

  • Pilotfish much note overkill bait, Hardy said.


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