[Gardening] odamaki cultivation method

Introducing the odamaki cultivation methods.


  1. Seeding Do 4-5, 9-10 months. Spring sown before the cold can sufficient stocks making it the year of flowers with nice. Use planting Yodo Yodo. The clock from applying seed water returns to. Do the soil is thin.
  2. Repotting 2.3 Cards this is the gone after no. 3 pot 植え替えます. No. 4-5 pot would finish. Well, growing up can fall to the breeds.
  3. -During winter After strong Hardy flower, so roots is in ice POPs because planting seedlings before winter, special cold is not required, enough should be put on the roots.


Odamaki vivid flowers blooming in the large-flowered. Please do try grown at home.


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