House Mantis egg waiting for spring.

Around the cold increases, you may find like 焼き麩 praying mantis eggs are 引っ付いて branches of the trees and grass.

If found the eggs of the Praying Mantis, branches each long, a little cut and brought home home.
Keep it intact in case for insect rearing. Food or water is not needed, please keep so air passes covering some, with fine gauze of ( exit baby eyes too big thing ).
When spring comes, though tiny larvae that little person dressed born and UJA UJA. It and the UJA UJA is. In particular, is hundreds of babies.
But that seems to be just a few generations in survive in nature. And eat bait as a living, but because the cannibalizing also breeding is difficult. If, after a little observed given the discharge.


I had forgotten childhood, returned to have the egg in my room. A day of spring, learned that Mantis’s baby was born, heard the screaming mother Gale “. Hundreds of baby Mantis was in the room. So give a considerable shock to people who hate bugs so beware!



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