Using gardening insect pest control

てんとう虫Insects that prey on them, whereas sphere plant pests is referred to as the insect. To grow without pesticides, use insect is increasing.

Pest plants sphere. Insect who prey on them.
It is good even without pesticides to grow plants if you rely on insect. Mantis without affecting the ladybugs still prey on aphids as typical insect and plants eat other insects? That just the Mantis would pest insect would prey without mercy….
Ladybug is start collecting and grassy place. And to have fled surrounded the appropriate range, net. After will eat aphids and scale insect rants.
Will eat well, such as the キイロテントウ of. However should refrain because ニジュウヤホシテントウ are herbivorous.
Gardening-free pesticides on this is available.


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