How to catch the tortoise into hibernation only

40 Years ago, can be lived in Kagawa Prefecture in the Shikoku childhood. Region has suffered from water, ponds were everywhere. Turtles into hibernating the winter time, it played went to the pond became the State reduced the water looked Doro surface.

It was dry pond to look careful with the surface of the mud and occasionally find footprints turtle. A kinematical torso is progressing ahead followed by here and there is a middle and scars sat beside both the left and right foot. And chases at the destination, the footprints disappear in some places. Is the point exactly turtle was dived into the mud there.
States that do not know pond surface is dry. Next to there ORC from big wood Board ( at least 30 cm width, length, his stature much ) will find two. And strange things entered the hands easily at the time. Of a place one next to the turtle’s footsteps, another one has a hand, ride on the Board. Dai, instead slowly walking along the trail balance while taking on board, with the Board and go ahead of the Board. Place and so also made hand, forward, switching to it. With the hands lift the Board up until now. It means Turtle Dove, repeated this point forward.
Distance up to that point was different. Turn walk from the shore, is and mud that is deep in the Middle might notice, while riding the Board far in’s was playing children at considerably risky or falls in the mud, where diving is was luck,. Only when point stick hands after the mud there. You can see turtles are now hand feel.


Whether General do not know 捕り方 like Turtle pond in such a situation and know the children into, such as age, free of everything. At that time I think to just the free space was left for children yet. Keep tank vertically. Dangerous because not fooled!


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