Do not wash cloth products good scents

Curtain unpleasant smell can life odor, scent of tobacco.
An unpleasant smell must specifically to race.
Sofa cover is difficult to wash it sounds. Wash every time I’ll be I scent costs good money easily.

Materials required

  • Spray bottle
  • Favorite scented fabric softener


  1. First, make a softener considerably diluted with water spray bottle
  2. Curtains etc comes South smells it to SSH only. Aroma smells gone a good softener fills the air.

Notes and tips

  • Basically using cloth products in General. But please make sure you spray at inconspicuous color fabric softener in something because with


Unholy water bill became so love the smell of fabric softener were washed every time I think.
I think and it is understood of smell help to become familiar with, not color.
Use a favorite scent is the point. I smell too good to xxx instead of perfume to go before, it pleased ^ ^


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