[Introduction to the Coworking space: Samurai Startup Island

And entrepreneurship, but Whistler global starting with fewer members and anxiety, said introduces new the Coworking space for those also aims at peace, global entrepreneur.

With SSI

Samurai Startup Island (the SSI) and the opened at Tennozu 11/1/2011
It is the Coworking space Japan’s largest.
SSI to support start-up companies and their experts and gathered

Is easier to exchange information and consult in open. ※ The Coworking space for articles here

Use of SSI benefits

  • [Location] Tennozu away from the hustle and bustle of the city
  • Is located and equipped with facilities such as free space, Cafe and businessmen also gathered many. Also, about 14 minutes and near Haneda Airport from Tennozu Isle and overseas is easily located.

  • [Support]-resident companies and professionals related to start-up companies and their
  • Investors and industry certified professional team and startup to change the world By working under the same roof, close communication and sharing of information is always available.

  • [Overseas]: networks build support overseas and abroad the Coworking space Alliance
  • San Francisco/Asian the Coworking space and co-sponsored events and community sharing
    Partner, offers support for raising funds from foreign investors. Also close to Haneda and foreign investors who visit the SSI.

  • [Event], startup companies, investors and experts to participate in various events
  • About entrepreneurship, such as accounting, accounting, management and UI/UX-operation and English and marketing various Events conducted many. Anyone can join if you are interested in many events.

  • [Space] sum + 四方谷 Yi’s Treehouse artisans in Japan, has a modern interior design
  • By space 555 m² and spacious interior design is and what
    四方谷 Mr. Treehouse TV champion in Japan’s craftsmanship, is. Is “modern” and “WA” harmony and open space.

Atmosphere of SSI

An open space, very spacious and may actually bother SSI which is

Whilst various startup of Exchange readily seem to enjoy being worked up was impressive.
Work cloneable, so that more colleagues to think seriously about work place calmly at home. And other entrepreneurs who think Strait for their expert be… consultation environment easy to move forward.


Conditions also may be during the actual residents can begin to experience.

First, try to participate in events such as the?? [More information]
http://Samurai-startupisland.Asia/index.html [Contact us] http://Samurai-startupisland.Asia/contact.php


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