Stain remove method

I spilled some what the carpet…. So when dealing with stains every has to remain after the let.

Sources or soy sauce

Now you’re banging about take. When the stain, beating clean detergent

Ketchup and mayonnaise

Is now dry on towel, wipe off
Sprinkle dry flour absorb vacuum cleaner. Once the stain, beating wipe with peroxides

Milk and yogurt

About you soon absorb repeatedly in lukewarm water.
Dry after the stain, toothbrush and brushing After wiped with a dry towel carefully puts a vacuum cleaner


absorb cloth dipped in lukewarm water for you soon, like tweaking. When the stain,absorb neutral detergent


About locked immediately if a clean cloth, iron on absorb. When the stain, wipe to tweak in the detergent


Let the bonfire wipe for you soon, repeated in the water. When the stain, wipe the vinegar water repeatedly


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