[Travel] shimokita peninsula going bike tour

Or why not up for grabs after this winter, and touring the shimokita peninsula. There are lots of interesting attractions.

I think good bases to Aomori to stay overnight in the shimokita peninsula.
Is the handle of the axe-shaped peninsula kitakami along the mutsu Bay (むつわん).
Also along the way, so lined scallop retail mail courier, friends good will. In the past, saw bikes running at the time of the summer, local kids accidentally pulling miniseries NBTA marching. Utterly impressed so totally didn’t and that is outside of Aomori city.
First appears in the part of the axe blade is the mutsu city”. Location of shimokita tourist center, summer night view from kamafuse mountain and 田名部 (not Kyoto Gion Festival reportedly kitamae ship) Festival is famous.
I aimed to dinosaur mountain is one of the three Japan pilgrimage here at that time.
Woo stand sori Lake Paradise Beach, the smell of sulfur 突きます nose. There are a lot of tourists at somehow around is hushed. To comfort the spirits of children there the sound of wind blowing winds and rocks have piled up here around こびりつきました ears. Such as sweets or the dolls are offered as complete sadness for the child to Mido died. I was shy shukubo and accommodation, are available.

Proceeded road aimed at Interior 薬研 hot 薬研 hot springs and afterwards. Kamoshika “line” and “line asunaro”.
Externals are frequently named, it was titular of a narrow road at that time. Night from running around, stayed under the Bath Spa. Fisherman’s fire (ryokan doyu) seen from the beach and filled over offshore, was the rumor as beauty. Accommodation food IKA somen or sea urchin come was sumptuous goods considering the price.
Other sights, such as Northern Habitat of wild monkeys, hotokegaura ōma Cape mainland northernmost known where tuna or shiriya is famous for horses where the frigid, rock lined aside Nozawa. Regalia to challenge set up effective plans I think.


Once wanted to go to the dinosaur mountain Festival is overflowing with cars and people seems to be rather large traffic jam. Itako’s so also mouth drawing like hours of waiting has become intimidated.


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