[Travel] typical attraction Aichi / theme list

This is a list of typical attraction Aichi Prefecture and theme parks.

-Nagoya Castle Nagoya Castle is a castle became the founder of the Owari Tokugawa Ieyasu 9 guy, n. y., on behalf of Kiyosu Castle.
Castle Golden halberd was-encrusted bronze castings from known money killer whale Castle. For the honmaru Palace, Tower lost in an air raid of World War II, was rebuilt in reinforced concrete in 1959.
The main Zoo
-Toyohashi General Zoological Park
And Higashiyama Zoo
Monkey Center -Okazaki-shi Higashi Park Zoo
The main Aquarium
Minami Chita Beach land
And Hekinan seaside Aquarium -Port of Nagoya public Aquariam
The main theme
-Robot Museum
Nagoya Minato-Italy village
-Candy Castle
-And throw adventure fields
Laguna Gamagori
-Southern Chita toy Kingdom -Toyota Automobile Museum


Is Japan followed by Tokyo / Osaka City, Aichi Prefecture.

Come visit the family holiday, the?. System of government travel, stay here

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