[Travel] though tsurugi Super road bike

The Honshu-Shikoku bridges can dance likes in the travel office was said Shikoku who lost the last visit. The Shikoku Central is tsurugi Super rindo Japan dirt followed the run runs through tsurugi.

Tsurugisan Super rindo dirt like across the country come together. Of course will be closed during the winter months (December-March).
Boasts a long dirt in Japan total about 88 km extension to Summit ridges run along the route is the scenery awesome stuff. Even the maintenance of the road, around the roads safely. Width too wide enough, it will dissipate the Insolence of road running まちました after day is without doubt.
However, and from the easy-to-run much though because car passes neglect rather than attention. Go solo in accident also nice and reassuring from someone will pass, but repairs able General in my keep. Let’s note to gas because of distance.
A fully completed may be the time and day. Would have relieved honest and come out on the pavements. Try autumn fall foliage season is called West Japan one “high of rapids Valley” near is car traffic.
I’m bottles months forest road in the ishizuchi mountain your next ran in the past, all had is paved, unfortunately now.


Next winter after money will freely with stamina and little person, plan please please you will experience the splendor.
    Origin: Tokushima Katsuura district, kamikatsu-Cho Oaza fukuhara ( Tokushima Prefectural road No. 16, Tokushima on Naka line intersection )


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