[Travel] quotations and passing the chip you want to know when to travel to the United States

Japanese people not familiar with me “chip”.
However, in the United States is an important social customs. I tried to summarize about tipping in restaurants in the United States.

To begin with and chips

Chip is in the amount of the invoice, to pay for the services received.
Chip is part of the social customs in the United States. Countries of course chip, chip itself makes an important part of the income, passing the chip is common sense.
Becomes a mere sense of freebies for the Japanese, but remember is an important source of income for them.

Type put good any tip?

Chip market is determined by the price of the restaurant.
-Casual shop Lunch or dinner, pay will be around 15% to 20% of the voucher amount. Currently is little less as it is felt can be written in old guidebooks and 10% to 15%.
Exclusive restaurant for
20% Of pay, is tacit and more. Waiters in upscale restaurant fifteen is often and pay a low chip, as would something error was my waiter?.
If the bars and clubs Bars and clubs are two types of pay it.
> Cash on delivery Form for liquidation is said cash on delivery, have carried the drinks.
In this case, $ 1 is the base for one drink. When asked for $ 3 beer even pay $ 1.
-> Tab Whenever you ask for a drink is going to record voucher format. Last pay 15-20% of the total amount in this case.

And where should pay the chip

Chip to occur in any scene?
Or carrying food, water, malaria, washing the dishes of service if the chip would need always. Therefore, if people pouring water, washing dishes, even where at first glance looks like self-service buffet, ate, pay the chip is common sense.

Be careful to double payment of chip

There are a lot of people forget to pay chip by the restaurant, you may include chips for about 15-20% voucher from the beginning as a self-defense measure.
Better seen in many Japanese and Hawaiian restaurant.
No need to calculate as convenient and useful, but end up paying double the risk. If the chip is described in the voucher / “Gratuity /” and often written so better look.

Useful English when you checkout, and you need to know

Chip is included? Is the tip included?
Take the voucher chip not included Please bring the bill without including the tip.
(Chip $ 1 tags without want to exchange a $ 20 tags you) could change? May I have the change?
(If you want a $ 1) could change the $ 1? May I have ones?


Pay chip smart, comfortable stay.


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